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We live in perilous times. Here's how to have less peril.

We all know the drill. The COVID-19 virus is contagious and often deadly. We all want to protect those around us and we want to protect ourselves. This is the right thing to do. We understand that certain steps can reduce our exposure to the virus and make us less susceptible. Masks, social distancing, and common sense can help us end the pandemic and get America open again. And now there's a new approach to protection. It's not high-tech, complicated, or expensive. It is instead practical, affordable, and available today.

“Masks,” according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “are recommended as a simple barrier to help prevent respiratory droplets from traveling into the air and onto other people when the person wearing the mask coughs, sneezes, talks, or raises their voice.”

The MaskBooster™ with Acteev Protect™

The MaskBooster™with Acteev Protect™ uses a special nylon fabric technology to enhance the barrier values associated with commonly-available masks. You simply add it to your mask.
That's it.

Acteev Protect’s patent-pending technology offers a permanent solution that guards against the growth of unwanted odor-causing bacteria, fungi and microbes. Acteev Technology provides an additional layer of protection (protects article not person). And in today's world how can that be a bad thing

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About Ionic Fabric

We are an authorized distributor of Ionic fabrics made with Acteev Protect™. Acteev Protect™ is a registered trademark of Ascend Performance Materials.

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