Benefits of Arm Sleeves

 We've seen them on athletes but they have major benefits to just about everyone.  Here's why you should take a second look at arm sleeves for yourself.

Blood Circulation

Arm sleeves provide compression that increases the circulation and flow of blood. This provides relief to troublesome joints and tendons.



Arm sleeves help reduce swelling induced by longer runs, and physical activities. This swelling is due to muscle vibrations and tears, which induce an inflammatory response. This draws excess fluid into the arms. Wearing compression arm sleeves helps prevent arm swelling.

Arm sleeves can also be used as a recovery tool. After a long physical activity simply put on a pair of recovery arm sleeves. These compressive sleeves increase blood flow, which helps the removal of lactic acid that built up in your muscles. This speeds the amount of time it takes to recover and also reduces muscle soreness.


Body Temperature

Arm sleeves act as an extra layer to the arm that will moderate and maintain temperature. On cold days, arm sleeves help keep the arm and the muscles relaxed. This prevents the muscles in the arm from becoming cold and stiff and tightening up. When muscles get cold and stiff and tighten up, performance becomes inconsistent and injuries such as pulls, stresses, and strains becomes more likely. 


Day starting out chiily but you know it’s going to warm up?  Don’t worry about a full extra layer that you will have to deal with the entire time.  Just wear a pair of arm sleeves that you can push down to your wrist or easily tuck into a belt or pocket.

Sun protection

Whether sporting, outdoor fitness, driving, or riding, arm sleeves are a great way to help with sun protection.

Arm and Muscle Protection

Arm sleeves also can help to prevent many cuts and scratches that you can get while participating in sports, outdoors activities, or working.  They can also give a fitted layer to keep current injuries protected.

Hides Tattoos 

Having tattoos is common but some employers and job industries prefer arm tattoos to be covered. wearing an arm sleeve helps you hide such tattoos that may look controversial or be considered inappropriate to others.


When you use Ionic Performance Arm Sleeves made with Acteev Protect Technology you also get these benefits:

  • Antimicrobial

  • Antibacterial 

  • Odor Stopping

  • Abrasion Resistant